Hyvönen Reserch group

We are the Hyvönen Research Group at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, led by Dr. Marko Hyvönen.

Our research is aiming to understand how cells in humans communicate with each other, how signals are transmitted from one cell to another, how these transmissions are regulated  and how cells interpret these signals at atomic level detail. Our main focus is on the TGF-beta family growth factors and their receptors and interacting proteins. We also collaborate extensively with groups in Cambridge and beyond, especially in structure-guided drug discovery projects.

We use various biochemical, biophysical and structural biology methods to study our target proteins and their interacting partners, to reveal determinants of affinity and specificity of these interactions.

Many disease states are affects by errors in communication between and within cells, and we hope to elucidate these details in order to understand how complex organisms work and what causes these diseases. Using this information we use methods like fragment-based ligand discovery to develop chemical tools that modulate these signalling molecules and help to study their biology. Some of these will also serve as starting points for the development of novel therapeutics.