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Research Group Head, Reader in Protein Biochemistry
In Cambridge since 1998, working his way from a postdoc to a research fellow and into a tenured position. Accidental biochemist, structural biologist by choice.


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Graduate Students

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Past Research staff, PhD students, Visitors

Tonia AristotelousPostdoctoral Research Associate (with Univ of Herts) 2018-2020Last observed: heading to Cyprus
Beata BlaszczykResearch Assistant 2015-2020Last observed: At Qkine
Emily BlytheMPhil student, 2012-2013Last observed: Caltech, USA
Tom CottonPhD StudentLast observed: At Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Sheena D’Arcy"Fostered" PhD student, 2005-2008, Postdoc, 2008Last observed: University of Texas at Dallas
Lesley DacksResearch Assistant, 2008Last observed: University of Alberta, Canada
Katy DavisPhD student (rotation)Last observed: PhD student in Paul Dupree group
Jane “Cat” DonaldsonPhD student, 2010-2015Last observed: Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, USA
Luana FerraraProtein ScientistLast observed: Qkine Ltd, Cambridge
Gerhard FischerPostdoctoral Research Associate, 2012-2017Last observed, Bohringer Ingelheim, Wien
Piotr GierszewskiResearch assistant, 2015
Sandra GreivePostdoctoral research associate, 2010-2012Last observed: University of York
Ye “Leaf” GuPhD student, 2007-2011Last observed: American Express, London
Margherita GuaitaMPhil Student, 2016-2017Last observed: University of Manchester
Adrian HarringtonPhD student, 2001-2005Last observed: Biogen
Axel InnisPhD student, 1998-2002Last observed: University of Bordeaux
Migle KisonaiteMPhil Student, 2014-2015Last observed in: MRC LMB, Cambridge
Monique LiddarResearch AssistantLast observed: Qkine Ltd, Cambridge
May MarshPostdoctoral research associate, 2008-2012Last observed: Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
Joseph McLoughlinPhD Student, 2016-2019
Tommaso MoschettiPostdoctoral research associate, 2011-2016Last observed: Illumina, Cambridge
Francesca NegriniVisiting PhD studentLast observed: University of Bologna
Marcelo Barreto OliveiraVisiting PhD Student, 2016-2017Last observed: University of São Paulo
Andrew OliveiraVisiting PhD student
Mariana Rangel PereiraVisiting PhD stdent, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013-2014 Last observed: Hollfelder group, Cambridge
Mathieu RocaboyPostdoctoral research associate, 2014-2015
Maxim RossmannPostdoctoral research associate, 2011-2016Last observed: CIMR, Cambridge (but really never left us)
Marie SchloesserResearch Assistant, 2015
Aman SharmaVisiting MPhil student, 2009-2010Last observed: Oxford
Tim SharpePostdoctoral research associate, 2010-2012Last observed: Biozentrum at University of Basel, Switzerland
Agata SienkiewiczResearch Assistant, 2012-2014Last observed: CIMR, Cambridge
David StoryResearch Technician, 2002-2005Last observed: University of Edinburgh
Eugene ValkovPostdoctoral Research Associate, 2010-2011Last observed: Max Planck Institute, Tübingen, Germany
Lidia VassilievaPhD student from University of HelsinkiLast observed: University of Oxford
Xuelu WangPhD student and postdoc (2012-2019)Last observed: University of OXford
Ruoqi “Emma” XuPhD student, 2010-2014Last observed: EMBL, Hamburg, Germany
Richard ZhouMPhil 2019-2020Last observed: Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Past undegraduate students

Tom HammondPart II student 2020
Alex AtkinPart II student 2020
Cormac CreaghPart II student 2019
Femke AhlersPart II student 2019
Will JohnsonPart II student, 2018
Maria ChukanovaPart II student, 2018
Theresa ZeisnerPart II student, 2018
Vytaute BoreikaitePart II student, 2017
Barbara HoganPart II student, 2017
Maddy EnoPart II student, 2016
Michael Jenkyn BedfordPart II student, 2016
Chris WilesSummer Student, 2015
James WagstaffPart II student, 2014
Cara EldridgePart II student, 2014
Matthew MorganSummer Student, 2013
Thomas SanfordPart II student, 2013
Harshnira PataniPart II student, 2013
Adam TibblesSummer student, 2012
Michael DinanPart II student, 2012
Jue WangPart II student, 2012
Hong Kin NgPart II student, 2011
Anne StreeterPart II student, 2011
Siming MaPart II student, 2010
Sarah GardnerSummer student, 2008
Bhamini VaidialingPart II student, 2008
Victoria HendleyPart II student, 2007
Lara OsmotherlyPart II student, 2005
Lucy WilliamsPart II student, 2004
James RobertsonPart II student, 2003
Kong Jie KahPart II student, 2002
Jose PenaSummer student, 2000