Organoid culture media formulated with growth factors of defined cellular activity

Manuela Urbischek, Helena Rannikmae, Thomas Foets, Katharina Ravn, Marko Hyvönen & Marc de la Roche

Scientific Reports 6193 (2019)
DOI: 0.1038/s41598-019-42604-0
Pubmed: 30996238


The media formulations necessary for deriving and sustaining organoids from epithelial tissues such as prostate, colon, gastric, liver, pancreas, and others have been established. Critical components of organoid media are a set of growth factors that include R-spondins and BMP signalling antagonists such as Noggin or Gremlin 1. Currently, the practical limitations for formulating organoid media of reproducible potency and larger-scale media production that have hampered further technological applications of organoid technology include: the cost of growth factors such as R-spondins and Gremlin 1/Noggin and their production as defined specific activities free of contaminants that may affect organoid growth. Here we report the production of highly pure recombinant Gremlin 1 and R-spondin 1 from bacterial expression for use in organoid media. We detail the workflow for Gremlin 1 and R-spondin 1 expression, purification, quantification of cellular activity, quality control and use in media formulated for culturing organoids derived from a number of tissues. The development of precisely formulated, cost-effective media of defined specific activity will engender the development of novel applications for organoid technology.

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