Month: March 2020

Genomic Structure and Transcript Analysis of the Rapid Alkalinization Factor (RALF) Gene Family During Host-Pathogen Crosstalk in Fragaria Vesca and Fragaria X Ananassa Strawberry

Francesca Negrini , Kevin O’Grady, Marko Hyvönen, Kevin M Folta, Elena Baraldi

PLoS One 15(3):e0226448
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0226448
Pubmed: 32214345


Rapid Alkalinization Factors (RALFs) are cysteine-rich peptides ubiquitous within plant kingdom. They play multiple roles as hormonal signals in diverse processes, including root elongation, cell growth, pollen tube development, and fertilization. Their involvement in host-pathogen crosstalk as negative regulators of immunity in Arabidopsis has also been recognized. In addition, peptides homologous to RALF are secreted by different fungal pathogens as effectors during early stages of infection. Previous studies have identified nine RALF genes in the diploid strawberry (Fragaria vesca) genome. This work describes the genomic organization of the RALF gene families in commercial octoploid strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) and the re-annotated genome of F. vesca, and then compares findings with orthologs in Arabidopsis thaliana. Continue reading →

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