Month: September 2021

The role of pro-domains in human growth factors and cytokines

Matthew Ratcliff, Richard Xu Zhou, Lutz Jermutus and Marko Hyvönen

Biochemical Society Transactions, BST20200663 (2021)
DOI: 10.1042/BST20200663
Pubmed: 34495310


Many growth factors and cytokines are produced as larger precursors, containing prodomains, that require proteolytic processing to release the bioactive ligand. These prodomains can be significantly larger than the mature domains and can play an active role in the regulation of the ligands. Mining the UniProt database, we identified almost one hundred human growth factors and cytokines with pro-domains. These are spread across several unrelated protein families and vary in both their size and composition. Continue reading →

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