Month: April 2022

Development of small cyclic peptides targeting the CK2α/β interface

Eleanor L. Atkinson, Jessica Iegre, Claudio D’Amore, Paul Brear, Mauro Salvi, Marko Hyvönen and David R. Spring

Chemical Communications, 58:4791-4794 (2022)
DOI: 10.1039/D2CC00707J
Pubmed: 35343996

PDB coordinates:

6YZH (3D view)
6Q4Q (3D view)

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In this work, an iterative cycle of enzymatic assays, X-ray crystallography, molecular modelling and cellular assays were used to develop a functionalisable chemical probe for the CK2α/β PPI. The lead peptide, P8C9, successfully binds to CK2α at the PPI site, is easily synthesisable and functionalisable, highly stable in serum and small enough to accommodate further optimisation.

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